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Troll Talk with Tom Wilton

February 02, 2023 Chris Baker & Cameron Suey Season 1 Episode 11
Willow Talk: A Willow Podcast
Troll Talk with Tom Wilton
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Chris and Cameron cower in the presence of the Chief Administrator of the Dread Mines of Skellin, only to discover that he's actually an actor pretending to be a horrifying monster. Tom Wilton has appeared in many Star Wars films, and he joins Cameron and Chris to talk about the particular challenges of finding the core of empathy for a character that's composed of many pounds of costumes. With the Crone dead, Phil is set loose and the rest of the studio staff is concerned. 

  • Introductions  - 00:00
  • Interview with Tom - 01:15
  • Outro - 54:45

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Ad Voiceover by: Phil Van Hest

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Interview with Tom Wilton