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Willow: Behind the Magic

January 28, 2023 Chris Baker & Cameron Suey Season 1 Episode 10
Willow Talk: A Willow Podcast
Willow: Behind the Magic
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Chris and Cameron find themselves magically transported to the world behind the scenes... Chris argues that this half-doc/half-mock might be the perfect trailer for the show, and Cameron attempts to outwit a single celled organism while doodling in the margins.

  • Introductions  - 00:00
  • Breaking Willow News - 00:53
  • Friend Theories - 02:50
  • Listener Q&A - 11:05
  • "Behind the Magic" - 14:20
  • Ad Break - 50:15
  • "Behind the Magic"  Continued - 50:45
  • Shoutouts - 52:45
  • Outro - 57:43

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Ad Voiceover by: Phil Van Hest

The following music was used for this podcast:
Music: Celebration by Alexander Nakarada
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Music: The Empire by Alexander Nakarada
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Breaking Willow News
Friend Theories
Listener Q&A
"Behind the Magic"
Ad Break
"Behind the Magic" Continued