Willow Talk: A Willow Podcast

"Children of the Wyrm"

January 13, 2023 Chris Baker & Cameron Suey Season 1 Episode 8
Willow Talk: A Willow Podcast
"Children of the Wyrm"
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Chris and Cameron topple over the edge of the known world and try to navigate the Immemorial City without accidentally drinking something suspect. Chris attempts to classify the various fauna that he sees, and Cameron tries to trick Chris into picking something made up.

  • Introductions  - 00:00
  • Breaking Willow News - 00:20
  • Listener Q&A - 00:37
  • Revisiting Chapter VII - 01:48
  • Chapter VIII "Children of the Wyrm" - 05:50
  • Ad Break - 49:35
  • Chapter VIII Continued - 50:01
  • Final Ratings -  1:46:25  
  • Lore Update - 1:47:38
  • Shoutouts - 1:48:39
  • Outro -1:51:21
  • Technical Difficulties - 1:56:13

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Breaking Willow News
Listener Q&A
Revisiting Chapter VII
Chapter VIII "Children of the Wyrm"
Ad Break
Chapter VIII Continued
Final Ratings