Willow Talk: A Willow Podcast

"The Whispers of Nockmaar"

December 15, 2022 Chris Baker & Cameron Suey Season 1 Episode 4
Willow Talk: A Willow Podcast
"The Whispers of Nockmaar"
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Chris and Cameron get spooked with Willow's spookiest Chapter yet. Chris is swept away by the emotional interplay between past and present, while Cameron is delighted by cannibal jokes and gross liver, and once again they talk about denim, which looks good on everyone.

  • Introductions  - 00:00
  • Chapter IV "Whispers of Nockmaar" - 00:45
  • Ad Break - 1:03:45
  • Chapter IV Continued - 1:04:04
  • Final Ratings -  1:31:43
  • Consistency and Modernity - 1:34:19
  • The Lore Update - 1:41:50
  • Predictions - 1:43:13

What the Force?

Ad Voiceover by: Phil Van Hest

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Music: One Bard Band by Alexander Nakarada
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Music: The Empire by Alexander Nakarada
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Chapter IV "The Whispers of Nockmaar"
Ad Break
Chapter IV Continued
Final Ratings
Consistency and Modernity
The Lore Update